Security Consulting Services


Security Consulting Services

Ambassadors will be the only-of-its-kind Total one-stop Information Security Assurance and Solution company that considers security to be an amalgamation of confidentiality, integrity, availability, non-repudiation, reliability, access control, and authentication. We emphasize on management and operations-controlled security as against the conventional technical controls that networks rely on. Maintaining effective security is a continuous process that identifies assets, analyzes threats, and defines acceptable levels of risk. Strong enterprise-wide security demands solutions and technologies that bring in a combination of online technologies, processes, practices, and trained people. Designed and implemented by experienced professionals using industry standards, Our consultants can tailor them to your unique requirements

Our Consulting can step in and assist. We provide a complete range of vendor-neutral consulting services in information security, business continuity, consumer privacy, information survivability, security appliances, and products. Our clients are in a position to exploit cutting-edge benefits from the emerging business scenarios that employ new technologies such as e-commerce and wireless, safe in the knowledge that the business is protected against unforeseen risks and disasters. We also help clients comply with legislative and regulatory requirements such as GLBA, SOX, and HIPAA and gain formal certification for standards such as ISO 27001, SAS 70, and COBIT.

Our consulting services cover all areas where specialist support is required - from top-level policy, strategy and review to business impact analysis and risk assessment, specification of requirements and design of security, consumer privacy, business solutions, including web sites, firewalls, remote access, e-mail, encryption, intrusion detection, and entire security architecture.

We also help & support clients to implement their business continuity strategies, manage risk, configure secure business recovery sites, and implement resilient systems and networks with fully monitoring security.

Our Security Consultancy also covers specific areas such as:

  • Business Continuity Planning & Consultancy
  • Critical Infrastructure Security Consultancy
  • Security Architecture Review and Consultancy
  • Security Operation Centre Consultancy
  • Digital Forensics Investigation Consultancy
  • Application Security Consultancy
  • Compliance Security
  • Digital Security Strategy

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