Cyber Security Research And Development


Cyber Security Research And Development

Build and Defend your Enterprise with our combined research-proven security expertise as the new threats are on the rise, the cyber-attacks scale is continuing to increase, and at Ambassadors, we always develop new techniques, methodology and capabilities to mould and skill our cybersecurity expertise to handle and defend the threat. In this highly dynamic environment, we are dedicated to changing and transforming the way businesses function with disruptive capabilities to reinforce Security. And we jointly work with our leading partners & clients to co-innovate piloting our quality research with real conditions and data.

Our Cyber Security R&D team work together with the best of expertise from industry, government, professionals, academia, and the start-up ecosystem to provide next Generation Cyberdefense service & solutions. We closely venture to identify and collaborate with Industry and Government. We are in-sync with the leading institutes in Cyberdefense, Machine learning, High-performance computing, and advanced analytics. We partner closely with innovative and latest security organizations on the cyber front lines to provide critical insights that help customers to develop flexible and core-focused security and pro-active defense strategies.

Our interested R&D: 

  • Open-source Security
  • AI & Machine Learning Security
  • Automotive Security Space Communications Security
  • IoT (Internet of Thing) Security
  • Locomotive Safety & Security

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