Women CyberSecurity Society Targeted By Smishing Campaign

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Women CyberSecurity Society Targeted By Smishing Campaign

The Canada-based Women CyberSecurity Society (WCS2) has warned that its leadership, members, and volunteers are being targeted by an SMS phishing (smishing) campaign, IT World Canada reports.

“A volunteer recently reported receiving a text message claiming to be from founder Lisa Kearney citing an urgent need for help,” WCS2 says.

“We believe others will be targeted in such a manner and we urge you to exercise caution when interacting with emails, messages, and online links from someone who you don’t know.”

The text messages attempt to trick users into clicking on a malicious link. WCS2 believes the threat actor scraped information from LinkedIn in order to target its members.

The organization offers the following advice to help users avoid falling for these types of scams:

  • “Verify caller identity: If you receive a call claiming to be from the Women CyberSecurity Society, ask for the caller’s name and contact information. Hang up, independently verify the information through official channels, and call back using a published contact number;
  • “Do not click on suspicious links: Avoid clicking on any links received through phone calls, voicemails, or text messages, especially if the communication seems unexpected or unusual;
  • “Report suspicious activity: If you receive any communication that seems suspicious or if you believe you have been targeted, please report it immediately to WCS2’s security team;
  • “Use security software: Install and regularly update security software on your mobile device, desktop, laptops, and tablets to help detect and prevent smishing attacks.
  • “Educate yourself: Stay informed about common phishing tactics and be cautious when receiving unexpected messages, even if they appear to be from familiar sources.”

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IT World Canada has the story.

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