Three-Quarters Of Organizations Have Experienced Phishing Attack In The Last 12 Months

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Three-Quarters Of Organizations Have Experienced Phishing Attack In The Last 12 Months

Regardless of whether your environment remains on-premise, resides in the cloud, or is a hybrid configuration, new data makes it clear that your biggest risk is phishing attacks.

According to Netwrix’s 2023 Hybrid Security Trends Report, released late last month, 73% of organizations have some form of hybrid environment, with slightly less than half of all workloads (44%) residing in the cloud.

As organizations have continued to transition and invest in the cloud, the need to make certain corporate data remains secure is forefront in the minds of cybersecurity teams. But, according to the report, there are a number of challenges facing organizations as they try to ensure data security. Here are the top four in descending order:

  • Lack of budget
  • Understaffed IT or Security teams
  • Lack of cybersecurity expertise
  • Employee mistakes or negligence

The result of these (and other) challenges is the increased likelihood of experiencing various types of cyber attacks. According to the report, the overwhelmingly dominant attack experienced by organizations is phishing – on-premises by 74% of organizations and in the cloud by 58%This singular threat dwarfs the other eight listed by a margin of as much as 5-to-1.

With organizations citing their own users as the number one biggest risk to their data security (by 58% or organizations), it becomes evident that, to protect against the dangers of phishing attacks, users need to be enrolled in new-school security awareness training. It’s the singular answer that, while taking up an already limited budget, doesn’t require taxing any of the other three organizational challenges.

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