Mozambique Cyber Revolution Summit February 2024


Mozambique Cyber Revolution Summit February 2024

Mozambique is the victim of about 1.5 million cyber-attacks per month, a figure which, if true, places it in the group of the most vulnerable countries in the world. In the first half of 2023 alone, according to official data, the Mozambican Public Ministry (MP) registered a total of 367 cases related to cybercrimes. The government and various organizations in Mozambique were taking steps to bolster their cybersecurity efforts. After the successful grand edition of Cyber Revolution in Kuwait, In an effort to support the government and private sector institutions to enhance cybersecurity in Mozambique, TraiCon Events is hosting “Cyber Revolution Summit” under the theme “Building a Secure Digital World” in Maputo on 28–29 February 2024.

Cyber Revolution Summit is an indisputable platform for public & private alliances, where this summit aims to bring 500+
pre-qualified CISOs, CIOs, heads of cyber security, digital transformation, IT infrastructure, information and communication technologies and other experts in this domain to discuss the potential and recent trends of cybersecurity.

This summit will feature keynote presentations and panel discussions with top security experts from various industries covering a range of topics, including cybersecurity innovations, data privacy & security, risk management, network security, threat detection & intelligence, and vulnerability management.

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