Feb 09 2017
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Corruption in Nigeria is not found in the President but the systems working with the President which are

  1. The political party that delivered the president,
  2. civil service,
  3. the law enforcement agencies,
  4. the military,
  5. the legislative arm of government,
  6. executive arm of government and
  7. the judiciary. Corruption exists in private offices but usually controlled.

Corruption can be likened to EBOLA. A killer disease that requires quarantining any person infected so it won’t spread to other parts. I could recall how Nigeria in the administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan controlled the spread of Ebola in Nigeria. In few weeks, Ebola became a story and never resurfaced again. There were many quarantining centers almost in every state ready to keep people with suspicious ailment not minding the position or level of influence such people have in the country.
We need to acknowledge the negative effects of corruption on the protection of human rights and on development in Nigeria. Moreover, the ADVOCATES FOR COLLECTIVE TRANSFORMATION (ACT) has realized that the inability of a government to control corruption from its root denies the same government the will power and moral courage to deliver its human right obligations as a result of corruption.
Human rights are indivisible and interdependent, and the consequences of corrupt governance are multiple and touch on all human rights — civil, political, economic, social and cultural, as well as the right to development. Corruption leads to violation of the government’s human rights obligation “to take steps… to the maximum of its available resources, with a view to achieving progressively the full realization of the rights.
The corrupt management of public resources compromises the government’s ability to deliver an array of services, including health, educational and welfare services (the N5,000 monthly bribe is no longer working), which are essential for the realization of economic, social and cultural rights. Also, the prevalence of corruption creates discrimination in access to public services in favour of those able to influence the authorities to act in their personal interest (opportunities are shared among families of elected officers), including by offering bribes (every civil servant now collects bribe). The economically and politically disadvantaged Youths suffer disproportionately from the consequences of corruption, because they are particularly dependent on public goods.
Corruption has also affected the enjoyment of civil and political rights. Corruption has weakened democratic institutions both in new and in long-established democracies. When corruption is prevalent, those in public positions fail to take decisions with the interests of society in mind just as APC governors have done especially in Oyo State. As a result, corruption damages the legitimacy of a democratic regime in the eyes of the public and leads to a loss of public support for democratic institutions.
We youths have become discouraged from exercising our civil and political rights and from demanding that these rights be respected. Electoral fraud and corruption in the funding of political parties are other, more direct corrupt practices related to the enjoyment of civil and political rights (especially with collaborated APC and PDP).
We Nigerian youths are no longer comfortable with the existing political structures in our country. Having realized that the same power to position the right leaders come from our teaming votes, we have collectively decided to withdraw the same votes from the so called infected Nigerians who have at a time ruled without any form of National interest or moral courage.
We will use our votes to  position youths of our like that can be corrected when wrong and will never see us as bastards and children without respect for constituted authority as quoted by the Governor of Oyo State (Governor Ajumobi). Youths are coming to rule Nigeria and we will surely rule well with the support of our patriotic fathers who have been there but could not deliver effectively because of the wrecked system available to work with.
We know that our President (PMB) has good intentions but he came into power infected by the same political structure that brought him in, rather to consider the teaming votes on sincere youths that gave him the same power, our President dashed all our hopes for negative change by satisfying the politically infected Nigerians who should have been quarantined to avoid further spread. It is very glaring that the discipline or existing confidence Nigerians pose on Mr. President has been washed to the drain by his affiliation and loyalty to compensate the BAD LEADERS WHO SUPPORTED HIM THROUGH. Now he has to hand over like a father to the youths.
ACT will not participate in any mass protest against the President but will mobilize youths to stand against infected political structures and institutions in Nigeria. We are the team with the voice saying “BAD LEADERS ARE WORSE THAN EBOLA”.
We use this opportunity to tell Nigerian youths to join ACT. ACT is a youth political movement that has structures across the 36 states of the country including Abuja (FCT). Our singular and superior vision is to “position the right leaders into government offices in Nigeria. We have the support of over 80million Nigerian youths home and abroad. If you are seating down without ACTING SHARP SHARP, am here to tell you that the labors of our heroes past will end up in vain.
We will ensure that Nigeria is made great again in our own lifetime.


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